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Washable sofa covers

Washable sofa covers

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Feeling tired of pet hair, spills, and messes on your furniture and couch?

Providing comfort and protection from pet hair, dirt, and spills, our dog sofa bed cover is the ideal solution for pet owners. Featuring high-quality, water-resistant fabric, our pet-friendly couch cover is as durable as it is comfortable. In order to maintain the appearance of their furniture, pet owners can benefit from its easy-to-clean design
Key Features
  • Protects your couch: from hair, spills and mess
  • Soft fur: keeps your pet comfortable and happy
  • Extra comfort: It's perfect for pets who enjoy curling up and sleeping! 
  • Furniture Protection: Maintaining your furniture is important since it is expensive! The 100% waterproof base of our Protector prevents stains, rips and scratches so your furniture stays in perfect condition.
  • Relieves anxiety: Raised rim creates a feeling of security and comfort.
  • Luxury design: Your furry friend's home will look extra cozy with the combination of sleek design and cozy appearance.
  • Easy to clean: 100% safe to machine wash using the following settings: (Gentle cycle, Tumble dry, low heat) 
We offer dog owners a stylish and practical couch protector that will complement their living space. This furniture cover is versatile, as it can be used on a variety of couches, loveseats, and armchairs. Water-resistant dog couch covers protect and enhance your furniture.
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